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Now you can download 2 tracks by NZ band
‘The Woods’ for free!

The Woods 626x538px“This is easily one of my favorite albums of the year. A burst of big healthy vibes. A high-intensity chill-out. It’s laid back and cool, but always solid in its groove. I love the range, from sultry blues to pagan ritual, with pretty much everything in between. It’s like latter-day troubadours have come to town. These are great earthy, singable tunes, and everyone of them with a unique twist.  The writing and playing are constantly inspired. This is an awesome dose of positively-energised music.”
– John Psathas, Composer (Athens Olympic ceremonies) 

If you’re a fan of World Music, Blues or Jazz, then ‘The Woods’ are a must have for your collection. With influences from John Lee Hooker to Pharaoh Sanders, from Africa to Peru, their music will take you some place else…

The Woods are a true DIY outfit. The music is written, recorded and mixed by brothers Tom and Joe Callwood (Bass/Guitar). The engine room is drummer Rick Cranson. Ricks deep grooves – honed while studying in Ghana – have been featured with many other NZ bands, including Psychedelic rockers ‘Little Bushman’ and Swampfunk band ‘The Bones’.

The icing on the cake is Saxophonist / Bass Clarinetist Blair Latham, who has “…the ability to create vibrant pictures out of sound, deftly carving shapes, daubing them with colour, texture, leaving images suspended in the air, as tantalising spectres.”

For a limited time The Woods are giving away ‘Cuzco’ from their debut album ‘Manyana’, as well as a sneak preview from their upcoming new release. Just enter your name and email address in the box on your right, and you’ll immediately be sent a link to the free tracks.



The Woods